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CEN Factory Qualified Remanufacturers

All of the Warehouse Distributors and Service Distributors listed on this site are Factory Authorized to purchase and resell product and many of those have the capability to rebuild and repair our alternators. Some of our Warehouse Distributors have achieved the distinction of Factory Qualified Remanufacturer which is necessary to compete for projects requiring factory sanctioned qualifications for consideration. In order to achieve this level of distinction, they have invested in the proper test equipment and more in depth training for their technicians. Our expectations of their work are held to a higher standard and we routinely validate that this standard is met by auditing their training, processes and procedures.

Our products are engineered to meet strict design standards. This can be repeated in remanufacturing only if original Niehoff parts are used by fully trained technicians utilizing the proper equipment. Our Factory Qualified Remanufacturers have made the commitment to meet these standards.

Many companies outside of our authorized network claim they can remanufacture Niehoff product. Only those listed here have proven it to us.

D&W Diesel
1503 Clark St. Rd.
Auburn, NY 13021
Tel: 315-253-5300
Toll Free: 800-336-7722
Email: marketing@dwdiesel.com
Web: dwdiesel.com

Electric Sales & Service
340 N.E. 75th Street
Miami, FL 33138
Tel: 305-754-8646
Toll Free: 800-432-3132
Email: essmiami@aol.com
Web: essmiami.com

Mondial Automotive
114-14 14th Road
College Point, NY 11356
Tel: 718-461-1103
Toll Free: 888-312-3327
Email: info@mondialauto.com
Web: gomondial.com

P&G Keene Electrical Rebuilders
8432 South Beloit Ave
Bridgeview, IL 60455
Tel: 708-430-5770
Toll Free: 800-443-5770
Email: pgkeene@pgkeene.com
Web: pgkeene.com
Romaine Electric
370 Trousdale Dr.
Chula Vista, CA 91910
Tel: 619-236-1363
Toll Free: 800-541-8307
Email: info@romaineelectric.com
Web: romaineelectric.com

Romaine Electric
8811 So. 208th St.
Kent, WA 98031
Toll Free: 800-426-5005
Email: info@romaineelectric.com
Web: romaineelectric.com

Romaine Electric
500 S. Beltline Rd.
Irving, TX 75060
Tel: 214-441-1858
Toll Free: 866-434-2787
Email: info@romaineelectric.com
Web: romaineelectric.com

Wayne Electric
1560 W. Anaheim St.
Long Beach, CA 90813
Tel: 562-432-0928
Web: wayneelectric.com




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